NanoSynX Gold (Au) 30ml / 500mg – Full Spectrum

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Enhance your Spa treatment experience with NanoSynX™ Gold Therapies (Au) enhanced Organic Full Spectrum Hemp-Oil.  Our premium ingredients are researched for absorbency, antioxidant intake, brightening skin tone, strengthening skin elasticity, and improvement of overall skin circulation while fighting free radicals.

NanoSynX™ (Au) Gold enhanced Organic Hemp-Oil researched ingredient benefits may include:

  1. Increased absorbency,
    2. Antioxidant intake,
    3. Brighten skin tone,
    4. Strengthen skin elasticity,
    5. Reducing skin irritation,
    6. Improvement of overall skin circulation,
    7. Fighting free radicals

The Power of Three is an innovative blend of Organic Hemp-Oil, NanoGold or NanoSilver and our Trisomal Formula which combined in Nanoemulsions, creates a unique and effective product containing researched ingredients that provide both the power of an anti-inflammatory compound and antioxidant benefits. Our innovative product can be applied directly to the dermis or added to your favorite Spa lotion or cream for “The Power of Three” enhanced spa treatment.

Our NanoSynX Skincare Standards.

NanoSynX products are formulated with premium ingredients, clinical based actives, and pure natural botanicals, that are studied for delivering transformative results for all skin types and tones without harming your skin in the process.


What you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your body. As pioneers in Nano-skincare, our products have always been 100% free of harsh and irritating ingredients such as paragons, mineral oil, petrolatum, PEG’s, sodium laurel sulfate, hydroquinone, glycol acid and artificial dyes and fragrances.

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Suggested Use: Topical applications researched oils for enhanced dermis therapies that can be added to spa creams and oils, or used directly.

Concentration: 500mg Full Spectrum

Size:  30ml / 1 oz

Active Ingredients: Organic Hemp-Derived Full Spectrum CBD Distillate containing less than .3% THC

Other Ingredients: Nano-Gold (Au), Proprietary TriSomal Formula, Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT)

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6 reviews for NanoSynX Gold (Au) 30ml / 500mg – Full Spectrum

  1. Rob

    Love the product, I’ve seen nothing else like this on the market, I’ve suffered from shoulder pain and a strained biceps tendon for years, I’m an avid gym guy and have been working out for years and have tried just about every natural pain remedy including pharmaceutical drugs. Relief was almost instantaneous and the application was not sloppy or messy

  2. Kimberly (verified owner)

    I have struggled with muscle pain in my wrist for two years. Surgery was quickly becoming the best option. I decided to give Gold AU a try. A few hours after the application I had full mobility. 24 hours later no pain. From not being able to pick up a pitcher of water to relief. I am so grateful. Sharing this product with a colleague who is experiencing extreme knee pain. I can’t wait to hear about his results!

  3. Eric

    UNREAL! I’ve been using NanoSynX Gold now for almost 2 weeks… massaging it into my elbows, knees, shoulders and under my eyes… usually pre workout and post workout.

    As a competitive natural bodybuilder, I’ve dealt with knee, elbow & shoulder pain for 2-3 years on & off, mostly during my offseason when I am lifting heavier and putting on size. Since using Gold consistently, I have had barely ANY joint pain at all. My inflammation has been so low that I’ve hit multiple PRs in these 2 weeks. Absolutely insane! This stuff 100% works. Thank you for saving my joints ????

  4. Herlinda

    The Nanosynx gold product has worked very well for my arthritis in my right hand. I am able to knit again, I have been unable to do that for the past two years! This product works, I have tried others beforehand, but nothing else worked. Thank you!

  5. Wade Henderson

    I have been using Gold for a couple months on my knee that was injured in the Army over 20 years ago. Even after surgery there are times that the joint is stiff and tender. After using in the mornings for about a week my wife noticed I was no longer limping by 4:00 pm. I did not even realize I was walking better. Great product and very happy to tell others due to the awesome way I now feel.

  6. Barbie Yamamoto

    I Love NanoSynX Gold and Silver, Rest and Calm. I take care of my mom Helen Yamamoto and she is 100 years old for the last 9 years. She does not walk anymore and she goes on the MEO bus in her wheel chair and on the lift which pick her up and drops her to adult daycare in Lahaina, HI and back home. My mom goes 2-3 times a week to daycare. I have hospice 4 days a week 2 days the Nurse comes and check on her and the other 2 days a week they showering her. Even though my mom only weights around 70 lbs I injured my shoulder just from getting her out of bed to her wheelchair not once but twice. I applied NanoSynX Gold the first time and rubbed it into my shoulder. My girlfriend came over to take me shopping since i couldn’t lift my right arm up in the air. The next day the pain was totally gone. I did it again on another day on the my same shoulder applied the Silver and 2-3 hours later I forgot that I had injured myself. I am sharing my story and telling all my friends about NanoSynX. When you get older and I am 66 years old you don’t bounce back as fast. I am Amazing at all these natural products that now I am putting the Gold on my face every night. My tenant asked me what did you do to your face and my wrinkles between my eyes and forehead seem to be less pronounced. I am now using it on my chest and arms. It’s oil but after a while your face isn’t oily at all it soaks into your skin and does even look and feel oily. If I could rate these products a 10 Star I would. I also don’t ever sleep thru the night and with the NanoSynX Rest I still get up in the middle of the night but take more and my alarm clock has to walk me up. I’m also always stress with all my jobs and work long hours on the computer and set up showings since I am a realtor. I only taken the Calm once and nothing that day seem to bother me. I need to start taking more Calm daily. This Review is for all their 4 products that I use.

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