NanoSynX Silver (Ag) 30ml / 500mg – Full Spectrum

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Enhance your Spa treatment experience with NanoSynX™ Silver Therapies (Ag) enhanced Organic Full Spectrum Hemp-Oil. Our premium ingredients are researched for absorbency, antioxidant intake, brightening skin tone, strengthening skin elasticity, and improving skin circulation while fighting free radicals.

NanoSynX™ (Ag) Silver enhanced Organic Full Spectrum Hemp-Oil researched ingredient benefits may include:
1. Increased absorbency.
2. Antimicrobial properties.
3. Improvement of treatments on undesirable skin conditions.
4. Improvement of treatments on skin conditions such as Skin infections.
5. Improvement of treatments on skin conditions such as Healing of dermis level skin abrasions.
6. Improvement of treatments on skin conditions such as healing wounds.
7. Enhances the body’s natural defense against infections without using drugs.

The Power of Three is an innovative blend of Organic Full Spectrum Hemp-Oil, NanoGold or NanoSilver and our Trisomal Formula which combined in Nanoemulsions, creates a unique and effective product containing researched ingredients that provide both the power of an anti-inflammatory compound and antioxidant benefits. Our innovative product can be applied directly to the dermis or added to your favorite Spa lotion or cream for “The Power of Three” enhanced spa treatment.


Our NanoSynX Skincare Standards.

NanoSynX products are formulated with premium ingredients, clinical based actives, and pure natural botanicals, that are studied for delivering transformative results for all skin types and tones without harming your skin in the process.



What you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your body. As pioneers in Nano-skincare, our products have always been 100% free of harsh and irritating ingredients such as paragons, mineral oil, petrolatum, PEG’s, sodium laurel sulfate, hydroquinone, glycol acid and artificial dyes and fragrances.

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Suggested Use: Topical applications researched oils for enhanced dermis therapies that can be added to spa creams and oils, or used directly.

Concentration:  500mg Full Spectrum

Size:  30ml / 1 oz

Active Ingredients:  Organic Hemp-Derived Full Spectrum CBD Distillate containing less than .3% THC

Other Ingredients:  Nano-Silver (Ag), Proprietary TriSomal Formula, Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT)

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1 review for NanoSynX Silver (Ag) 30ml / 500mg – Full Spectrum

  1. Diane

    Nano Silver has been an ideal nightly moisturizer, was pleasantly surprised when small blemishes began to fade.

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